DJI XP3.1 WayPoint is the new DJI flight control system with Ground Station software that enables 3-D map way points editing, flight path planning and real-time flight attitude feedback. This product is specially designed for the purpose of advanced Unmanned-Helicopter operation, BVR (Beyond Visual Range) flying and applications such as surveillance, aerial photography, etc. Based on the existing XP3.1 Autopilot, XP3.1 WayPoint not only ensures stable performance and safety of the helicopter, easy operation for the pilot, but also allows the helicopter to fly automatically according to the flight path set before or modified during the flying process in the Ground Station software.

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DJI XP3.1 WayPoint is the world's first fully-integrated autopilot system for commercial use that allows BVR flight mission, long-distance communication and Ground Station Control.

Reliable & Safe
1. Secured communication Protocol
2. Path validity check
3. Go-Home navigation
4. Way points limit timer
5. Precise flight data feedback
6. Precise calibration of all sensors

Dynamic & Intelligent
1. Rapid control switch between four control modes: manual, attitude, autopilot and joystick
2. Flight & action control, way points hold timer enabled
3. Real-time flight attitude monitoring
4. FPV flying
5. Coordinated turn enabled
6. Customized action control channel that enables functions specialized by users: patrol airdrop of photoshooting

User Friendly
1. Map from Google Earth 3-D, saving and loading from local http server enabled
2. Flight mission saving and loading
3. Simple installation to enable user's helicopter become fully automated



Tech Spec

Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows 7
Language English, Traditional / Simplified Chinese
Way Point Functions Graphical Flight Mission Programming
Properties Altitude
Flight Speed
Start Way Point
Assignments Camera Shutter
Gimbal Control
Airdrop Control
General Purpose Control
Mission Mode Patrol / One way from start point to end point
Turning Mode Stop and Turn / Coordinated Turn
Map Browser Google Earth 3-D GIS
Safety Control Automatic Hovering & Go Home Function
Strictly AIl Control Logic Design
Flight Instruments GPS Coordinates Indicator
General Speed Indicator
Attitude Indicator
RF Signal Strength Indicator
Helicopter Position Tracker


Electronic / Electromechanical IMU
Airborne Equipment GPS
Pressure Sensor
Digital Compass
Wireless Data Link
Airdrop Platform
General Purpose Controller
Communication Hardware Interface RS-232
Radio Frequency 900 MHz/ 2.4 GHz / Optional
Data-Throughput Maximum 11,520 bps / Optional


Rotorcraft Control Modes Manual Mode
Attitude Mode
Autopilot Mode
WayPoint Mode
Joystick Mode
Pre-Flight Simulation Virtual environment aid to help users
get familiar with operations



Jul 12th

DJI XP3.1 WayPoint 3.1.12 Release Firmware Upgrade: Latest version 40406
Function Added: GP-Servo function
Function Added: Vertical speed adjustable
Function Added: Next way point indicator
Function Added: Take-off point indicator
Function Added: Mission review before synchronizing
Function Added: LED indicator
Function Added: Radio link signal strength indicator
Function Added: Altitude offset save function

May 15th 2010 DJI XP3.1 WayPoint 3.1.11 Update
Function Added: Go Home Navigation
Apr 13th 2010 DJI XP3.1 WayPoint 3.1.11 Release
Function Added: Joystick control mode
Function Added: Pitch/roll support for heli model in 3-D map
Function Added: Way point turn modes, Stop & Tunn, Coordinated Turn
Function Added: Speed limit to 15m/s
Mar 30th 2010 DJI XP3.1 WayPoint 3.1.10 Release
Logic Update: Module license check
Mar 24th 2010 DJI XP3.1 WayPoint 3.1.9 Release
Function Added: Simulation Mode Added
Mar 14th 2010 DJI XP3.1 WayPoint 3.1.8 Release
Bug fixed: Local HTTP server socket address reuse
Bug fixed: Catch XML IO exeption
Logic Update : Only run one program instance at one time
Mar 13th 2010 DJI XP3.1 WayPoint 3.1.7 Release
Bug fixed: UI problem in some OS regionals, (Estonian, German)
Bug fixed: Can't show helicopter model in some OS regionals (German)
Bug fixed: Track path
Feb 28th 2010 DJI XP3.1 WayPoint 3.1.6 Release
Function Added: Load and save mission
Function Added: mission pause and continue
Function Added: Local HTTP server to interact with 3-D map
Function Added: Way point hold timer, set time to stay on a certain way point
Function Added: Way point time limit timer, time-out termination for a certain way point
Feb 11th 2010 DJI XP3.1 WayPoint 3.1.5 Release
Logic Update: Altitude offset
Bug fixed: Path validity check between end point and start point
Bug fixed: Javascript exception dialog
Jan 31st 2010 DJI XP3.1 WayPoint 3.1.4 Release
Function Added: Way point editing, maximum 50 points can be added
Function Added: Flight path planning/modifying, before/during flying process
Function Added: Real time flight attitude feedback
Function Added: Meters for real-time flying data, 3-axis velocity and helicopter altitude
Function Added: Flight path validity check
Protocol: More secured communication protocol, automatic justification upon loss of data




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