DJI XP3.1 Autopilot is the first automatic control and navigation system for UAV helicopters. Using GPS, 6-DOF IMU, magnetometers and barometers, it is a GPS/INS product specially designed for industrial users. By integrating high precision GPS module and environment-independent high-rate IMU, it enables accurate and reliable control of the aerial platform at any altitudes, most weather conditions and even under the circumstance when GPS signal is lost. XP3.1 Autopilot provides precise fixed position hovering (horizontal 2m; vertical 1m), and fixed velocity navigation at any altitude, which is a performance that cannot be achieved using any current infra-red/CCD based stabilizers.

With a highly professional entrepreneurial team, and the concept of “Stable, Reliable & Convenient” for the product, XP3.1 Autopilot possesses amazing performances, and satisfies the requirements of professional applications that vary from lightweight commercial to heavy industry, and even most of the extreme cases. Thanks to the IMU technology development and DJI’s highly autonomous precise calibration and production techniques, the anxiously-expected and well-performing product can now be acquired at a very attractive price.

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Automatic hovering & home navigation when RC signal is lost (Fail Safe mode).
Automatic error revising during hover and flight
Easy opeartion of the helicopter under ATTI mode (control of only one joystick at one time)
Not restricted by altitude or terrains
No frequent switching between various control modes needed
Error of flying speed controlled within 0.1 m/s

Seperate DSPs to improve real-time performance of the controller
High performance 16-channel GPS receiver to provide superior position accuracy
Highly-reliable tri-axial gyroscopes and accelerometers of MEMS enclosed
Building algorithm to facilitate users to do both hard and soft iron magnetic field compensation to eliminate magnetic interference
Dedicated CPLD to decode and encode servo signal, achieve higher reliability and compatibility for most RC receivers


  • Autopilot Mode
    Allow users to fly the helicopter in an easier way, even learn to control the helicopter in few minutes for first-time pilots.
    Altitude can be locked, and the nose direction and the helicopter’s velocity command can be issued by RC transmitter (Tx) separately and accurately feedback controls through on-board automatic control algorithm.
    When Tx sticks are centered, the system will auto-hover accordingly.
    Flight speed is in proportion to the volume of Tx stick.
  • Attitude Control Mode
    The attitude stable mode, able to work even without a GPS signal.
    When users switch into this mode, helicopter will hold stable attitude and altitude, without position and velocity locking. Allow the helicopter to be easily controlled in a no GPS condition.
  • Pure Manual Mode
    The traditional manual mode. The helicopter being controlled as an ordinary RC helicopter.


XP3.1 Standard  XP3.1 Standard  XP3.1 Standard  XP3.1 Standard  XP3.1 Standard  XP3.1 Standard  XP3.1 Standard

Tech Spec


Helicopter Types Electric and fuel powered
Supported Swashplate Normal
Three Servo 120 / 140 / 90
Four Servo 90
(All the types are fine tuning supported)
Recommended Transmitter 1 — PCM or 2.4GHz
2 — Minimum 7 channels
3 — Failsafe function available on all channels
Recommended Power Supply DC 7.4~12V
More than 2000 mAH capacity
Discharge current more than 5C
Separate servo power supply required
Operating Temperature -10C – +70C
Power Consumption ~5W
SD-Card Slot Support <= 2GB
(HC is not supported)

Flight Performance (can be effect by the performance of helicopter)

Hovering Accuracy Vertical: 1m
Horizontal: 2m
Suitable Wind Condition <8 m/s (17.7mph)


Forward / Backward 56.7 km/h (35.77 mph)
Left / Right 56.7 km/h (35.77 mph)
Acceleration Adjustable via XP Configure software,
Ascent / Descent can be limit by user precisely
Weight Main Controller: 245g
Adapter: 130g
GPS & Compass: 80g
Dimensions Main Controller: 110mm x 78mm x 29mm
Adapter: 90mm x 62mm x 22mm
GPS & Compass: 90mm x 44mm x 20mm
Packaging List Main controller 1
Adapter 1
Compass & GPS module 1
Anti-vibration frame 1
LED Status indicator 1
Neoprene isolators 4
DB15 cable 1
SD card 1
Product CD 1


Control Parameters Setting Users' Guidance Released

DJI has released a Users' Guidance regarding control parameters settings. Please note that this document only serves as a guideline for your settings of the control parameters, based on DJI’s professional knowledge of the UAV systems and autopilot products. You will need to read carefully this document and apply your own settings according to the type of helicopter you are using, and other related variables. Please DO NOT use sample parameters provided in the document directly unless the situations are exactly the same as described in the document.

Also, as a special reminder, please note that the parameters SHOULD NOT be the same after you change the CG and payload of your helicopter.

Click Here to download the guidance.

New Firmware Introduction: 40406

The new control algorithm in this version gives you more flexible control for more sensitive helicopter response in Auto-Mode. It has stronger brake by giving an opposite speed command to current heli speed direction, and the helicopter responses with smoother motions during control mode switchings.

The new configuration software coming with is version 1.4.3. Setting adjustments will be slightly different in this new version. The configuration files you saved under old version software 1.3.3 or 1.2.2 will not be compatible.

Recommended value of parameter Q is 1, which will suit most models of helicopter platforms.

Item Version
Main Controller XP 3.1 A XP 3.1 B XP 3.1 C *
Control Code Version 31002 31004 31005 31006 40305 40406
Configuration Software 1.2.2 1.3.3 1.4.2 1.4.3
Functions Available
Maximum Speed Module v v v v v v
Gimbal Module o o o o
Serial Number v v v v v v
Attitude Control v v v v v
Automatic Go Home v v
* XP 3.1 C upgradable from older versions.
v Module not available
Module available
o Paid Module activation



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