ACE ONE is the latest generation of DJI's GPS/INS based helicopter autopilot system that combines the highest level of precise measurements and environment-independent rate of INS updates. ACE ONE's exceptional performance enables it for applications from commercial use, such as industrial aerial photography, to high-end military operations.

It works on all kinds of helicopters. Bi-blade or tri-blade rotorcraft; with or without flybar; all kinds of swash plates and rotor heads; electric or gasoline powered engines.

All types can install ACE ONE quickly and easily.

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Easy Installation
No need to install external frames and dampers, unlike with the previous designs of XP3.1 series. It minimizes size, reduces weight and simplifies installation, and thus the system can be installed on a much larger scale of helicopter models, while providing customers more options for physical installation.

Enhanced Fail-Safe
Enhanced fail-safe is the feature to ensure that the helicopter will hover automatically when it loses RC signal. After loss of signal for a certain length of time, ACE ONE will calculate the safest route to the home position and control the helicopter to return home, hovering over your GPS start point eventually. This feature will guarantee the safty of your expensive payloads and equipment on the platform.

Precise Hovering
With the support of ACE ONE, your helicopter will be able to hover precisely with fixed latitude, longitude and altitude; even in strong wind, the hovering range will be limited to a very small area. With the help of ACE ONE, you will feel like you’re driving a car instead of controlling a complicated helicopter.
It is simple and straight forward. You will find it much more fun and interesting, and the pilot will be able to focus on the task at hand without the concerns usually associated with operating an RC helicopter.

Built-in Features
Built-in Gimbal Stabilization
The new gimbal stabilization module is compatible with almost all 2-axis gimbal systems. The system will adjust the gimbal and camera according to the attitude of the helicopter after setting the parameters the first time.

Built-in Engine Governor
The engine speed lock and governor are also standard features for ACE ONE. The built-in engine governor simplifies the parameter settings, and increases the compatibility of the system. All you need is to connect an extra standard sensor to use.

Built-in Tail Gyro / Flybarless
The tail gyro, FBL, engine governor and gimbal stabilization features are well integrated into a solid framework. All parts are controlled by one central unit. The helicopter works as a highly efficient unified system.


    Control the helicopter in an easy way.
    The self-learning function allows first time players to control the helicopter with greater ease by automatically maintaining altitude The helicopter’s velocity command can be issued by RC transmitter (TX) separately, and it gives accurate feedback via on-board automatic algorithm.
    When TX sticks are centred, the system will auto-hover accordingly.
    Flight speed is in real-time relation to the position of the TX stick.
    The attitude-stability mode works with low or no GPS signal, such as areas of high rise buildings, valleys, under bridges or even in caves.
    The helicopter can be held in a fixed altitude without position or velocity locking when you switch into this mode.
    With Manual mode the helicopter is fully controllable as an ordinary RC helicopter without any autopilot assistance.


 ACE ONE Autopilot  ACE ONE Autopilot  ACE ONE Autopilot  ACE ONE Autopilot  ACE ONE Autopilot  ACE ONE Autopilot  ACE ONE Autopilot

Tech Spec


Supported Helicopter Electric and fuel powered
Supported Swashplate Normal
Three Servo 120 / 140 / 90
Four Servo 90
(All the types are fine tuning supported)
Supported Servo Output 500Hz (760us) / 200Hz (1520us)
for Rudder Channel;
Others depend on your receiver output.
Recommended Transmitter 1 — PCM or 2.4GHz
2 — Minimum 7 channels
3 — Failsafe function available on all channels
Recommended DC 4~14V (Not be exceed MAX operating
Power Supply voltage of servo motor)
More than 2000 mAH capacity
Discharge current more than 5C
No separate servo power supply required
Operating Temp -20C to +70C
Power Consumption MAX 5W
(0.9A@5V, 0.7A@5.8V, 0.5A@7.4V, 0.4A@8V)
Built-In Functions Autopilot / Tail Gyro / Flybar-less / Engine
Speed Control / Gimbal Stabilization /
Fail-safe Go-Home
Built-In Memory 4GB Flash Memory for
flight information recording

Flight Performance (can be effect by the performance of helicopter)

Hovering Accuracy Vertical : 0.5m
Horizontal : 1m
Suitable Wind Condition < 8 m/s (17.7mph)


Forward / Backward 72 km/h (44.74 mph)
Left / Right 56.7 km/h (35.77 mph)
Acceleration Adjustable via ACE ONE ASSISTANT
Ascent / Descent software,can be limit by user precisely
Weight <= 150g (The devices on helicopter)
Dimensions Main Controller : 61 mm x 39.6 mm x 15.8 mm
IMU : 40 mm x 31 mm x 26 mm
GPS & Compass : 50 mm (diameter) x 9 mm
Packaging List Main Controller 1
GPS & Compass Module 1
Micro USB Cable 1
3-PIN Servo Cable 10
Product CD 1
Quick Start Manual 1
Warranty Info Card 1


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